UKIP - UK Independence Party
West Worcestershire Association
West Worcestershire Committee
Chairman - Mike Savage

I am 62 and was born in Hertfordshire but moved to Worcester when I was 9. I was educated at Worcester Royal Grammar School and North Staffordshire Polytechnic where I gained a BSc Degree in Computer Science.

I moved to Suckley in 1982 with my wife, Annette. We have 2 daughters living and working in London and a son working in Kingston.

We started our own computer consultancy company, Concurrent Solutions, in 1984 and have been involved in a wide range of projects for several major companies.

I was a director of Shobdon Airfield for many years and was Chairman from 2008 to 2013.

I became involved in politics in 2000 when I re-joined the Conservative Party, after many years,  as I wanted to do something to fight against the Labour Government. I became Deputy Chairman of the West Worcestershire Conservative Association but became disillusioned with Conservative policies after David Cameron took over the leadership. I then joined UKIP whose policies are now much more in line with my own views.

I took over as Chairman of UKIP in West Worcestershire in 2011.

Allan South - Secretary

I was born in 1950 in Johannesburg, South Africa. My family came to England in 1957, and I grew up in Bromley, Kent, where I was educated at Beckenham Grammar School, and studied Electrical Engineering at Woolwich Polytechnic.

I worked in the Rank Organisation’s Research Labs for seven years, then moved to GEC Semiconductors to become a chip designer. Among other things, I designed chips for teletext receivers, telephone exchanges, and radiation-hard memories for spacecraft. In 1988 I moved to the Royal Aerospace Establishment at Farnborough to work on automatic speech recognition systems for military aircraft. While I was there I completed a PhD part-time with the Linguistics Department at Reading University. In 2001 I came to Malvern to work with a speech technology company that had been spun off from the Defence Research Agency. Unfortunately, this did not thrive, and I was made redundant at the end of 2002. Since then I have taught for the Open University and worked as a private tutor.

Much of my spare time is taken up with archery, with which I have been involved since 1980. These days I shoot a traditional English Longbow (not very well!), and also make my own bows. I have been Secretary of the local club for over ten years.

I have firmly believed that the UK should leave the EU for over 25 years, mainly because our constitutional traditions are so different from those of most countries on continental Europe. I joined UKIP in 2008.

Jeanette Sheen - Membership Secretary/b>

My interest in politics derives from my concern over the detrimental effect that constant changes in Laws and Taxes are having on individuals and businesses. Long mismanagement of economics and politics is adversely affecting everyone's future. High taxes and over-bureaucratic regulations make survival difficult for both individuals and businesses.

My first career was in mainframe computing in the 1980s. I then ran my own business, transferring admin and accounts systems onto PCs. I jointly founded the hugely successful Borrowers Toy Library and was once Office Manager of a small electronics design business. Like many women of my generation I have prioritised family needs over my own career, so I have spent the last 10 years temping as a book-keeper. I now have a broad understanding of many different industries at varying levels, including Civil Service, Local Government, manufacturing, engineering, retail, private education and distribution and have seen, at first-hand, the effects of too much bureaucratic interference on business, education and, one of the things that the British do best, innovation.

I joined UKIP in 2000, when I discovered the extent to which successive Governments had lied to the British people about the realities of EU membership, the reckless waste of sovereign wealth and the ability of politicians to Govern. Even now, not one elected politician has ever admitted that UK laws are subordinate to EU laws, since signing away self-government throughout a succession of "treaties" during the last 4 decades.

I am appalled at the sheer waste of resources, either through mis-management or sheer greed. I am deeply concerned about the long-term future of the UK. Our education system prioritises academic success over all other skills and abilities, ensuring the inability of Leaders to effectively manage anything, including running a country. The "one-size fits all" approach has seriously damaged the UK and will continue to do so until we recognise that EU membership is preventing, rather than assisting, its recovery.

Richard Chamings - EU Referendum Campaign Coordinator

I have been practising as a vet in Malvern since 1985. I have four adult daughters and am married to Elaine.

I am a Malvern Hills Conservator, elected by the parish of Guarlford. I live on Castlemorton Common, and, when time allows, enjoy walking my dogs on the Hills.

I joined UKIP in 1995 so have observed its various ups and downsthroughout the years. I am pleased to say that it now seems stronger than ever before. I started the first branch in the West Midlands - Worcester and District - and remained chairman till four years ago.

I was also chairman of the West Midlands Regional Committee, and sat on the Euro election national planning committee in 2004.

I have stood as a parliamentary candidate in the old Leominster constituency once, and in Worcester City twice and in West Worcestershire in 2015. I have stood in the European elections twice.

Richard Spencer

I am a former water distribution engineer. I have had a few narrow escapes but, despite appearances to the contrary, I have never married: I'm just naturally round-shouldered.

After one re-organisation too many, I took early retirement from a regional water company in 2000, having become increasingly disenchanted with the creeping bureaucracy and political correctness that had infected the organisation. I think it was one of my better decisions.

With some time on my hands, I went along to an inaugural meeting, called by Richard Chamings, in the back room of the British Camp Hotel, on 18th July, 2000. Richard was trying to form a UKIP Branch for West Worcestershire.

Being an avid reader of Christopher Booker's column in the Sunday Telegraph; I listened to Richard explaining how bad our membership of the EU was for the UK, and found that I couldn't disagree with anything he said. I therefore volunteered for the fledgling Committee, and have been a member ever since. 

Doug Guest

I am fifty years old and grew up in West Sussex where I was educated at Collyer's Grammar School, (now a sixth form college), before going to Plumpton Agricultural College, East Sussex, where I attained an NDA in Agriculture. I initially worked for a farmer and contractor in Sussex before moving to Upton-upon-Severn in 1987 to set up a plant hire and contracting business with a friend and colleague from Plumpton. Our business activities evolved over the years and now manufactures and sells earthmoving and materials handling attachments for excavation and agricultural machinery.

I live in Upton with my wife Julie and we have three children and three step-children each, ranging from fifteen to twenty-seven years old. They are all wonderful and I am privileged to be part of their lives. I enjoy family get-togethers, the cinema, theatre, gardening, dog walking and motorcycling (only in the warm weather as far as Julie is concerned!)

Politics never interested me in my younger years and I never thought I would join a political party, but in recent years I have seen first-hand the raft of unnecessary directives spewing out of Brussels interfering with every aspect of our business and personal lives and I am convinced that the costs to this country far outweigh the benefits. My business imports products from several manufacturers in Italy and we now export to Poland, Germany and Norway. We import more than we export at the moment and if we were to leave the EU tomorrow that relationship with our suppliers and customers overseas would not change. It is a complete myth that three million jobs in this country would be suddenly lost if we left. The Italian economy (along with most others in the south) is suffering terribly at the moment and has declined over several years – they are dependent on their export business for survival, by their own admission.

UKIP attracted me because of their common-sense policies and their stance against the EU and the career politicians that have been ruling our lives for too long. Cameron got it wrong with his 'Big Society' policies. Britain has always been a nation built on local communities and community spirit. None of us can hope to change the world overnight, but if we all try and do our bit locally things can change. An old friend once said to me if we all do what we can, with what we've got, where we are, then we can all make a difference for the better. So rather than whingeing about things and not doing anything, I am putting myself forward for local council, based on that simple philosophy.